Why hire an Interior Designer?…..An Interior Designer is a trained professional with the experience to give the client an overall design concept, project timeline, and can help determine a budget if needed. The Interior Designer also has the ability to solve problems and guide the client through what can be an overwhelming process to many. They also have access to manufacturers and vendors that sell “to the trade only”. These range from budget conscious products to “one of a kind” custom made items.

Do I need a budget?…..Everyone has a budget. The budget could be exact or it could be in a “ball park” range. Good communication with your Designer could confirm if your budget is realistic or not  based on the description and goals you provide. Establishing some guidelines for the Designer to follow is imperative when it comes to budget because everyone has a different view of what they think is “reasonable”. You don’t want to be vague on budget until the day you are presented with your first bill and realize that you weren’t on the same page as your designer. More design projects go awry between the Designer and client over this area because of a client’s reluctance to establish a clear budget they are comfortable with. Budgets help to streamline the design process, saving the client time and money by going directly to sources that fit their budget.

How long should a project take?…..That entirely depends on the project and what is involved. A project timeline depends on several factors such as: Is there construction involved? ; Are there custom materials or furniture to be designed and ordered? ; How many trades people will need to be coordinated and how long will each trade need to complete their task? Other tips to keeping your project moving forward is to (1)be a good decision maker and (2)make yourself and your home available. Generally the rule of thumb is, the larger and more complex the design project the longer the timeline. Good communication between Designer and client is the key to keeping a projects momentum going.

Am I asking too many questions?

Never!! The more questions you ask the better informed you are and generally, the smoother the process. Communication is the key and yes, it is a two way street. Be sure you understand the discussions and decisions made at each meeting with the Designer so that you have a clear understanding of what they will be spending your design hours working on.