Property Staging

Staging is preparing a home so the buyer can visually and mentally move in!

Gerard Croft does not simply stage a listing, we style it into a lifestyle scene that we envision with the qualities of the home’s architecture, neighborhood, age and the future buyer’s interests. It becomes a home worth the pages of a magazine cover instead of an ‘obviously staged’ property that buyers can’t live without.

Although many sellers may believe that a fresh coat of paint and a handful of inexpensive ‘quick fixes’ sell a property by achieving an attractive ‘enough’ appeal, today’s design & tech savvy buyers expect well above this once good-enough norm. They are looking to be wow-ed, to quickly fall in love with a new home rather than having to search for hidden potential.

Research finds that it only takes 3 seconds (or less) to decide if a product (or a house in our case) is right for us, or not. Three seconds! This lends support to the fact that home buying may not always stem purely out of logic- it’s in fact pure emotion.

When Gerard Croft styles your property, the reaction we aim to hear from buyers as they enter the front door is;

Yes, this is what I am talking about…

Yes, this is what I was dreaming about…

Yes, I want to live here…

Yes, I want this house.

Every Property Staging must begin with the proper plan in place.

GerardCroft begins our work with each client starting with a Custom Property Plan.

  • A 1-hour tour of your property facilitated by Gerard Croft with you and your agent
  • Within 3 business days following the tour, you will receive a customized Property Plan with Gerard Croft’s suggestions tailored to your property’s needs
  • Our recommended rooms to invest in & what each room represents to buyers
  • A 1- hour consultation to review our suggestions and provide a quote for next steps
  • 3 follow up emails with Gerard Croft for any questions about your customized Property Plan to boost your success of implementation

Gerard Croft’s Property Plan                                                   INVESTMENT: $355.00* + HST

*This addresses the conditioning of the home to prepare it for the final styling service, priced separately

Setting the visual presentation of your property.

Once you have completed our recommendations from your customized Property Plan, and had a thorough cleaning it is almost ready. Now is the time for GerardCroft to merchandise your property to wow your buyers.

The cost for occupied home staging will vary from home to home. It will depend on what furniture and props are required and the effort estimated to prepare the home for sale that we take on from your Property Plan. You can decide what recommendations you want to incorporate and which you want Gerard Croft to compete. Rooms average about $500 -$700 per room.

Vacant Home Staging

The average property’s Living, Dining Bedroom start at $3295+HST for up to 30 day of rental.  Single use accessories, greenery and attached fixtures are priced separately as required. We also offer setting the property to sell furnished priced per project.